Spring Cleaning 101

Spring Cleaning 101

Essential Places to Clean during 2018 Spring Cleaning

Spring is on its way and it is time to welcome the season with open arms. After suffering through a long and arduous winter, your house needs a bit of care and love. We don’t want the sun to gleam its rays upon dirty windows and messy decks, do we? This time of the year is perfect to do some cleaning around the house to give it a fresher, cleaner and homely feel.

Here are the top 7 places around the house that should be on the top of your cleaning list.


The rooftops are the elements that kept you safe all throughout the winter. They need special attention and care because they are your first line of defense against rough weather. Rooftops tend to get dirty with bird droppings, leaves, dust and dirt over time. Cleaning a rooftop is a tough yet important job.


There is a good chance that your eavestrough is blocked by dry leaves and dirt after a heavy rainfall/snowfall. Not cleaning them regularly can effectively ruin the exteriors walls/siding as well as the possibility of water penetrating your foundation.


Cleaning the windows inside-out allows plenty of sunshine into the house. Doing this on the ground floor is easy; however, doing the same task on the first/second floor is tough and risky.


A damaged house siding can quickly ruin your house paint as well as be a reason for water seepage. The intricate design of sidings needs proper maintenance to uplift the overall exterior aesthetic appeal of the house. You need special tools to clean the sidings without posing the risk of water seepage into the interiors.


A dirty porch showcases an unwelcoming feeling to the house. A proper power flushing and cleaning tool can remove the sticky debris on the porches to give them a brand-new feel without damaging the stonework.

Wooden Decks

If you love hosting barbecues with your friends on your porch, your ready to show off your wood deck. Unlike porch, the wooden deck needs attention in a different manner. A professional cleaning agency can help you clean the wooden deck without the risk of bloating the wood with water seepage.

Eavestrough and Soffits

Cleaning eavestrough and soffits is a risky task when you don’t have the proper tools. It is important to clean them but not with ladders and brooms.

At Performance Property Services, we host a special team of cleaners who have years of expertise in cleaning all these places. With an effective 5-step process and the right set of tools, we can help you save a lot of time and money for effective spring cleaning.