Will we be cleaning your Eavestroughs this year?


Will we be cleaning your Eavestroughs this year?

Will we be cleaning your Eavestroughs this year?

September 22nd is the first day of Autumn, and we are now building our Fall Priority List! We only have 300 appointment spots that we can guarantee for the fall debris removal service.

Please reply directly to this email with your choice.

Yes – Count us in!

Maybe… I need more info!


No thank you – We will see you next year!

How the Priority List works:
We monitor the weather conditions and the fall of the leaves very closely. When it’s time – we will contact you within 1 week of our anticipated arrival date. Please keep in mind that because debris removal is outside work, so all we need from you – is your permission to get it done 🙂

Why it’s important to get on the list:
Autumn is unpredictable – Some years where we are fortunate to work late into the year, and are able to get many more homes cleaned before the troughs freeze. There have also been years where our season is ‘cut short’, and we’ve had to turn clients away due to ‘frozen solid’ troughs.

We’re contacting you now as a reminder to schedule us in.

Remember, we’re not picking an exact date right now – We’re just building the list!