Get those Eavestroughs Cleaned! Why?

Get those Eavestroughs Cleaned! Why?

Eavestrough Cleaning Services for Property Protection and Maintenance

How many times have you forgotten to clean out the rain gutters only to find your rooftop ceiling damped and cold? Eavestrough cleaning is an often neglected task, but that does not reduce its importance.

At Performance property services, we undertake gutter cleaning and other works related to keeping your house and property clean and protected.

  • Window Washing
  • Siding Cleaning
  • Eavestrough Cleaning

We operate in Southern Ontario and you can avail our eavestrough cleaning and other services at any of the following cities: Niagara-On-The-Lake, Hamilton, Grimsby, Ancaster, Burlington, Mississauga and Oakville.

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Why Invest in Eavestrough Cleaning and Gutter Cleaning?

Property insurance companies suggest that house owners invest in gutter cleaning at least once a year. If you live close to trees, you should have your eavestroughs cleaned in the spring after the buds fall and again in the fall when the leaves fall. In case you wonder why regular cleaning of the eaves trough is important, here are two major reasons:

  • Prevents basement flooding: During fall, leaves and debris clogs the rain gutters run along your house. If the debris is not removed, rain water accumulates and overflows down the side of the house, running into the basement. Water logging around your basement might weaken the foundations of your house and is the #1 cause of basement floods and leaks.
  • Protects ceiling from flooding: With proper gutter cleaning, you can avoid water damage to your ceiling. During winter, if water can not drain down the downspouts, ice can build under the shingles and up your roof. When the ice melts, it leaks down through your roof and info your ceiling. This may cause the ceiling to flood.  

Insurance – Are you covered?

Many insurance companies don’t cover the cost of a basement flood or water damage to ceilings if you have didn’t have your eavestroughs cleaned. They view such lack of maintenance as “neglect” on the home owners part. Insurance adjusters know exactly what to look for and you can be guaranteed that clogged eavestrough will be the first thing they hope to see in order to deny your claim. Don’t let this happen to you. Get your eavestroughs cleaned regular, by a professional company who can document that it was done, absolving you of all risk and damages.

We recommend cleaning the gutter in spring and in the fall season so that your eaves trough can be free of debris, bird nests, balls, shingle dust, leaves, dirt, grime, sleet and other items that can block water from flowing down the eavestroughs.

More than just Eavestrough Cleaning

Our team of experienced cleaning professionals follows a 5-step process for complete home detailing and maintenance. The cleaning program involves:

  • Step 1: Cleaning the debris from rain gutters
  • Step 2: Washing eavestrough and soffits
  • Step 3: Washing the siding, stucco or stone to remove dirt and grime
  • Step 4: Spider spraying
  • Step 5: Cleaning exterior and interior windows to remove water, dirt, grime, for a streak free shine! This step should be done 1-2 times a year for maintenance purposes.

Why Assign Gutter Cleaning Work to Us?

Our cleaning company, Performance Property Services, has been operating since 2001 with a simple objective in mind: to provide effective exterior home cleaning services through honest work which enables us to restore and enhance the value of your property. Packages are available, as well as one off services. Many of our customers have service agreements which enables us to come in the spring and fall, which means that you can rest easy and know the work is being completed without you having to remember to schedule us. Let us take care of the work and the scheduling and consider a yearly service agreement with us that is customized to your specific needs.

Our experience in the field enables us to stay true to our core values as we establish strong transparent relationships with our clients and deliver effective and prompt services. A few reasons why you can trust our company for your eavestrough cleaning requirements are:

  • Experience: Our employees are experts with thorough experience in the field which enables us to provide efficient services.
  • Quality Assurance: We work with integrity and deliver quality services. If you are not satisfied, you can hold on to the cheque and give us a call back so we can work to make it right.
  • Safety: We have our WSIB coverage, insurance policies, safety training, harnesses equipment in place, along with years of hands-on experience! Both your property and our employees are assuredly safe.

You can contact us for a free consultation or any other information regarding our services and cost estimations. Investing in eavestrough cleaning services is the most cost effective gift you can give your home. It is not only a smart idea, it keeps your property protected and beautiful.

Call us today for a free estimate.