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What specifically do we wash windows with? Ie: a pole/scrubber, soft cloth etc.

We wash windows with a soft cloth washer and a squeegee, all cleaned by hand.  We use sun light dish soap to help break down the dirt and grime on the glass, window sills and frames.  All edges, glass, water drops and touch ups are taken care of with soft cloth towels.

Are we insured, and do we have property WSIB coverage for on site employees?

We have two types of insurance.  The first is WSIB coverage; this protects the physical safety of our workers in the event that they were to have an accident while at work.  This allows them to have their wages covered while they are recovering as well as all medical expenses are covered.  Most importantly, this means that our home owners are protected and covered from such liability. Our second form of coverage is with our liability insurance.  This covers any physical damage done at a customers home.  If a window was broken, or a Ferrari gets totalled by a ladder, its covered.

Does the Spider Spray work, how long does it last, and is it a harsh chemical?

Yes the spider spray works.  We guarantee it will work.  This spray will last for approx 2-3 months, depending on how much rain we have had.  During the application process, all pets should be kept indoors.  Once the product dries, (20 – 30 minutes), it is safe to use the area


Are screens included with exterior and/or interior window cleaning?

Screens are included with interior window cleaning.

Are basement windows included?


How long does it take?

Each job takes a different period of time.  It depends on how many staff are sent to  do the job, as well on the house and options that the client has selected.  Your best bet as a client is to tell us what your schedule is so we can be accommodate to meet that need.  If you have to leave for an apt, let us know a day or two before so we can send additional staff so that the job can be completed quicker.

Why don't we powerwash like all of the other companies. and is handwashing effective?

Although each crew comes equipped with a power washer on site, we rarely use it to clean siding. The reason for this is two fold.  First, the quality of the job is superior when you scrub the siding by hand.  It is the agitation of a brush that gets the siding clean, much like brushing your teeth.  We use a soft bristled brush to accomplish this.  Second, its safe for your home and far less likely to cause a leak.  Our power washers are 2,800 PSI, which is great for cleaning concrete driveways or decks, but a house was made to withstand heavy rain falls, not 2800 PSI.  The harsh rainfall would equate to approx 25-30 PSI. Once we scrub the siding from top to bottom, we gently rise it off with a garden hose.  This uses less water, is easier on your foundation and will not cause water problems. The process is very similar to how you would wash your car at home.

How much water will you use? (Concern being the soaking of the property/foundation)

No more than an average rain fall.

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