Don’t be fooled by the cooled weather – window washing

Don’t be fooled by the cooled weather – window washing

Don’t be fooled by the cooled weather, Yard work isn’t done yet.

Below is a great article on the whats needs to be done in the yard before winter hits.

We asked a few pro landscapers to give us their to-do list, which you should steal and tackle between now and the end of November.

1. They give their lawn one last cut.

Continue to mow your lawn until it stops growing — yes, even if it’s cold. “If grass blades get too long, they shade the other blades around them,” says Scott Olivieri of Michael and Sons Nurseries in the New York City area. “Also, at snowfall, the too-long grass will get packed down and promote snow mold.” The general rule of thumb? Keep grass around three inches tall — all year — so there is enough surface area for the sun to hit.

2. They test their soil.

This is good time to apply grass seed, but there’s a crucial first step: “The soil should be tested to determine pH and nutrient availability,” says Matt Owens, president of the Landscape Contractors Association. “Necessary deficiencies need to be corrected or you’re just wasting time and money.” Sending a soil sample to a professional for testing will cost about $15 — and it’s well worth it. “Soil plays such an important role in the landscape, yet it often gets overlooked.”

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